Meet Secret Number’s Dita—The 1st Ever Indonesian Idol To Debut In A K-Pop Girl Group

Indonesian K-Pop fans rejoice!

After pandemic-related delays, VINE Entertainment’s new girl group, Secret Number, finally made their debut on May 19—and there’s something extra special about one of the members. Dita, the group’s main dancer, is the first Indonesian idol to ever debut in a K-Pop girl group! Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Dita (full name Dita Karang) was born on December 25, 1996 in Indonesia. Some report she was born in the small province of Yogyakarta, while others claim she hails from Bali.

Dita isn’t the only idol to ever come from Indonesia. Former group 14U also had a member with Indonesian nationality—Loudi. However, Loudi was ethnically Korean and Chinese, making Dita the only ethnically Indonesian idol in K-Pop.

Girl group Z-Girls also has an Indonesian member named Vanya, who’s actually very close friends with Dita. However, Z-Girls is considered to be “K-Pop inspired” rather than K-Pop itself.

Dita has certainly had a worldwide journey to stardom. Before debuting in Secret Number, she trained at the Korean entertainment academy Born Star Training Center in New York City.

She also used to dance at the famous 1MILLION Dance Studio in Seoul, which has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Evidently, dance is Dita’s biggest dream and natural talent, so it’s fitting that she’s the main dancer in the group. Her fellow members include Japanese leader and vocalist Léa

Korean American main rapper and lead dancer Jinny (who is also Dita’s closest friend in the group)…

Korean lead vocalist and visual Soodam

And Korean American main vocalist meets maknae Denise (who is Dita’s roommate in the dorm).

The first ever K-Pop group Dita listened to was 2NE1, but her favorite artist right now is IU. She also loves TWICE.

Dita’s favorite Indonesian song is Chrisye’s “Kangen”, while her favorite Korean song is IU’s “Blueming”.

Alongside dance, Dita is also skilled at basketball and journalism. Her hobbies include drawing, drinking coffee, eating cake and ice cream, and even washing the dishes.

Her favorite color is pink, her favorite season is fall, and she loves dogs.

Want to stan Korea’s Indonesian pride? Dita already has an Instagram account with 155,000 followers, so make sure to check her out.

And listen to Secret Number’s debut single, “Who Dis?”, here!

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