Meet Jung Woo Joo, One Of Korea’s 15 Best Looking Children

This child model has looks similar to both iKON‘s Bobby and EXO‘s Chen. So much so that people are calling him their child!


**Source:** Insight

iKON’s Bobby and Jung Woo Joo are basically twins. Both of their photos give off a slight hint of sadness that just makes you want to hold them.

**Source:** Listal

Jung Woo Joo is a child model who was a Top 15 finalist in SM Entertainment’s, Kidz Model.

Jung Woo Joo

400 other kids competed, so it was a great feat for Woo Joo to make it to the Top 15! That’s a lot of talent for an 8-year-old!

Jung Woo Joo and EXO’s Chen look like they could be siblings, especially since they have the same expression in their photos.

Source: EXO Press

We can see the similarities between these three cuties! Jung Woo Joo will soon grow up to be a very handsome model!

Jung Woo Joo