Meet Yejin and Mashiro, JYP Entertainment’s Unbelievable Trainees Just Left The Company

Yejin and Mashiro have parted ways with JYP Entertainment.

Yejin and Mashiro, two of JYP Entertainment‘s most promising female trainees, are no longer with the company.


Yejin won the star award at JYP Entertainment’s 12th audition.


Fans instantly fell in love with her adorable visuals. They feel that she resembles Suzy and TWICE’s Nayeon, but has her own unique charms.


When a fan asked Yejin, via Instagram, if she had really left JYP, Yejin confirmed the rumors.

The fan asked, “Why? Did Hanseol and Mashiro leave too?”, to which Yejin replied, “Not sure! Yes!”


At this time, it is unclear whether Yejin will move on to a new company, but her loyal fans will follow her wherever she chooses to go next!


On the other hand, Mashiro also joined the company after placing second in JYP’s 12th Annual Auditions.


She became known for her powerful dancing abilities, following suit to fellow Japanese JYP artist Momo.


She was well known to be a happy-virus who completely changed when on stage.


Nothing about Mashiro’s immediate future plans of debuting or changing labels have been announced yet.

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The fans who had hoped Yejin and Mashiro might debut in JYP’s 2019 girl group are now mourning their departures.


At this time, it is unclear why they left JYP, but fans fear other trainees may follow Yejin and Mashiro’s move.


Source: Reddit