Meghan Trainor used to write songs for K-Pop, and revealed to be a huge BTS fan

That K-Pop song you love? Meghan Trainor might have written it.

Meghan Trainor is the latest star to enlist in BTS‘s fan ARMY, but her connection to the K-Pop industry runs deeper than that. Meghan doesn’t just love K-Pop songs… she used to write them!


In an interview with Metro, Meghan said, “I love everything about K-Pop! My friend was a superstar there. He was this American boy from LA and K-Pop loved him!”

She was told that her compositions were too “cheesy and poppy” for singers like Rihanna, but they found a place in the K-Pop world.


Meghan named BTS as her favorite K-Pop group, calling them “the One Direction of K-Pop”.


Some fans are not happy with the comparison, however, and feel that Meghan’s love for BTS is insincere.


While others are hoping to hear a BTS x Meghan Trainor collaboration in the near future.

I’m down for working with them! You think I’m not down? I’m down! BTS, hit me up!

Source: Metro