Melodies Upset That BTOB’s 4th Generation Fanclub Gift Was A Paper Cup

BTOB recently opened up memberships for their official fanclub, Melody, but fans are disappointed with the merchandise.

Joining a K-Pop fanclub usually costs about 30,000 KRW ($27 USD), and members receive special welcome gifts once they join.

These gifts often include items that are related to the group, like light sticks, pins, and lanyards, along with photo cards and photo books.

BTOB’s merchandise box this year, however, included a toothbrush, handkerchief, and a paper cup, along with a few photo cards.

The fanclub explained that the items were chosen carefully to allow Melodies to be with BTOB even at home, and followed the “Hygge!” concept.

“A comfortable and cosy lifestyle, HYGGE!
In Danish, it means ‘cosiness’, and defines a lifestyle that matches with the trendy ‘YOLO’ lifestyle.
We have made the HYGGE life as a concept for our 4th recruitment for Melodies, like watching movies in pajamas, and looking out the window while drinking tea.

In these Melody Boxes that will be shipped out to our 4th Melodies, there will be a practical toothbrush set that can be used more than just 3 times a day, a hand towel, which is a staple for young women, a WELCOME message card, a photobook of the members enjoying the HYGGE lifestyle, and a membership card that allows you to brag about your membership whenever and wherever.”

Fans, however, were unhappy with the goods and explained that they wouldn’t have minded if the members faces were printed on them at least.

“The toothbrush just has that pattern? They should have at least put a photo of the member on the handle, or they could have added a photo of a member on the hand towel?

Others argued that if the fanclub wanted to gift items that showed “cosiness”, they should have chosen better goods.

“If you wanted to promote cosiness, then why not send us a cushion or a blanket and not a hand towelㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did they think we’d use it to hail a cab. And it’s been ages since we sent them 30,000 KRW, and they’re just announcing this, so what the hell are we supposed to do. I’m just going to think of it as my registration fee haha this is the first time I’ve ever paid 30,000 KRW for a toothbrush. I must be so rich~~^^”

In fact, last year, BTOB’s fanclub merchandise included a mug, a photobook, photo cards, and mug coasters, which is quite different from this year’s.

Image Source: Bunjang

Fans are quite upset with the lack of creativity and sincerity in the merchandise boxes, and expressed that they weren’t simply personal ATM’s.

Cube Entertainment has yet to respond to the fans’ complaints.

Source: Pann