Melon Faces Backlash for Congratulating Jung Joon Young on His 9th Debut Anniversary

Melon released a remix album of Jung Joon Young’s top hits.

Melon recently released a 9th-anniversary album mix in commemoration of Jung Joon Young‘s 9th debut anniversary, and it’s been receiving overwhelming backlash from netizens.

The cover of the remix was labeled with “remind”, and it contained all sorts of songs from Jung Joon Young’s career as a musician.

This album was updated on September 30, 2019, and it can be played using the For U app, which is known to suggest certain music to users depending on their history and musical taste.

Despite the feature that prevents the album from being exposed to those who aren’t interested in Jung Joon Young, Melon has still been receiving a lot of criticism for releasing the remix in the first place.

Netizens who noticed this responded with comments such as “Even if they used big data, Melon should have paid extra attention“, “It doesn’t make any sense that they didn’t delete it before it was released“, and “I guess I’m not using Melon anymore“.

Jung Joon Young was arrested back in March for filming and distributing illegal videos.

Source: Insight