The Members Of ENHYPEN All Had Different Opinions On What The Group’s Biggest Strength Is — And They Are All Correct

It’s impossible to disagree!

In an interview with @star1 magazine, the members of ENHYPEN talked about what they’ve achieved so far as a group, their excitement for the future—and what they think is the group’s biggest strength. Hilariously, the members all had completely different takes on what that is.

According to Jake, ENHYPEN’s biggest strength is that they are a very international group. He also thinks the members have great chemistry with each other and are very passionate as a team.

I think the strength of our team is that it is an international group with members from different countries. We have members who speak English and Japanese, so we are a truly global group. We also have a really good chemistry, and we are a passionate team when it comes to performing onstage.

— Jake

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Sunghoon followed along that train of thought, saying that the group’s strength lies in their excellent performance (which we definitely can’t disagree with). He said, “Our super in sync choreographies are also a huge hit.” Sunoo, however, had other things in mind. His thoughts are that ENHYPEN’s biggest strength is…the members’ visuals! According to Sunoo, they can not only sing and dance, but they all look good too. He hilariously added, “We are all visual members!”

ENHYPEN performing “Blessed-Cursed” | @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

Heeseung‘s opinion, like Jake and Sunghoon’s, was on a more serious note, as he said that ENHYPEN was known for having a unique concept that is open to interpretation.

Above all, I think that our musicality is unique. We have a unique and fun concept and story that has a different meaning depending on interpretation. Many people say that we are unique or cool when they see our performances, so I think that can be considered an advantage.

— Heeseung

But youngest member Ni-Ki gave a more literal, hilarious response, saying that ENHYPEN’s strength is their youth: “The members are young. I can work for a long time!” Jungwon amusingly piled in, saying with a laugh, “Even if it rains, you can trust us to dance well.”

| @ENHYPEN_members/Twitter

Each of the members had a totally different opinion, but none of them are wrong. ENHYPEN is a unique and strong group, and it is thanks in part to all of these things. They are truly talented, so it is no surprise that they have already achieved so much so quickly!

Source: Naver