Members Of GFRIEND Reveal The Comments They Want To Hear The Most…And Can’t Hold Back Tears

Simple, yet very touching comments.

On a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, there was a segment where the members of GFRIEND revealed the comments they would like to hear the most.

The comment that Yerin wants to hear is just a simple “thank you”.

Eunha would like to be complimented by being told that she’s a precious person.

Sowon wants to be told that she’s a person that was raised well by their parents.

After sharing this comment, Sowon got a little emotional and couldn’t hold back her tears.

SinB wanted to be told that “you’re doing well” and wanted to say this to her fellow members as well.

SinB also got a little emotional after these comments, but Sowon changed the atmosphere by adding a little humor.

Umji didn’t have an emotional comment she wanted to hear but just wished for GFRIEND to have a successful comeback with “Crossroads”.