The Members NCT’s Taeyong Would Like To Collaborate With On His YouTube Channel

This needs to happen!

NCT‘s Taeyong recently gave his take on which members he would like to collaborate with in a unit or on his YouTube channel, and now we can’t wait to see it!

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

With group as big as NCT, there are endless possible combinations of members to look forward to. While this is part of the fun of being an NCTzen, sometimes it can feel like one will have to wait forever to see the members interact between units.

After a recent fan call, it seems like Taeyong might feel the same. A fan asked him which member he would like to collaborate with most in another NCT U duo…and the answer to that may not be so surprising. Taeyong’s first choice for another duo unit is Ten.

After collaborating on NCT U‘s iconic “Baby Don’t Stop” together, it makes sense that Taeyong would think first of Ten. In fact, he’s totally right to do! It would be exciting to see what Ten and Taeyong can pull off together now that they have so much more experience, both in their respective NCT units and in SuperM.

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As for collaborations on his own personal YouTube channel, TY TRACK, Taeyong also has some members in mind, though some of these names may be more unexpected.

Hmm. Ten or… Xiaojun, or Jaehyun. Maybe Doyoung.

— Taeyong

Taeyong has worked very closely with Doyoung and Jaehyun over the years as part of NCT 127, and their distinctive vocals would be sure to make for a great collaboration on TY TRACK. But since Taeyong has only really gotten to work with Xiaojun in “Make A Wish,” it would be perhaps even more exciting to see what these two can produce, as it would definitely be something new!

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As Taeyong says, however, all the members are great so ideally we’ll be getting a collaboration with each one!

You can watch the full clip on the link below.