Members Of TWICE Fall Victim To Nayeon & Jungyeon’s Genius Prank

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jungyeon pranked their fellow group members with a hand trick that was hilarious!

In the world of K-Pop, it’s not uncommon to see group members being silly and affectionate with one another, and TWICE is no exception. As we’ve seen before, the lovely ladies of TWICE love to prank and annoy each other with their adorable antics.

At the Gaon Music Awards, Jungyeon and Nayeon pranked their fellow group members with a hilarious hand trick. The trick was performed by first asking the other members to smell their hand. When they did so, Jungyeon and Nayeon playfully slapped them in the face.

Check it out below!

Chaeyoung seemed to enjoy watching the other members got pranked! Don’t forget to watch the 6th Annual Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards!