This Idol Was Completely Broke 3 Years Ago, Now He Owns A Whole Building In Seoul

Kangnam worked and saved until he finally claimed an entire building!

Remember when former M.I.B member and popular TV personality Kangnam only had three dollars in his bank account and made us laugh-cry with him?

“Are you sure this is my balance? It’s not even $30, but $3?” — Kangnam


Well, he now owns an entire building right in the heart of Seoul City, Korea!


On an episode of Cart Show (and several other TV programs), Kangnam celebrated this new accomplishment in life. He explained it took him three years to finally own a property of his own.


Kangnam clarified that his family has always had the piece of land in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Show host Seo Jang Hoon commented without having to pay for the land, Kangnam probably had it easier to begin construction.

“The land comes from my grandparents and generations before them.” — Kangnam


On this 2,400 square feet of land, Kangnam’s family had only an old single-family home.

This was the house Kangnam grew up in.


When the original property began developing a lot of cracks, Kangnam and his mother decided to get a loan to demolish the house and construct a brand new building from scratch.

“The bank denied my mother’s request for a loan at first. I went with her, explained who I am and what I do. The bank recognized me and approved us for the money to put up the building.” — Kangnam


The new building is right where the old house used to be. It is a residential building with five stories. He lives on the top two floors of the building, while the remaining floors have been rented out as residential units.


Kangnam’s new pad received a lot of coverage on TV already. He was even on Old House, New House where he decked out the upper level with Hawaiian-themed decor.


When Lee Soo Geun asked about the loans, Kangnam answered he is now focused on working hard to pay them off!

“I don’t even spend $200 per month. I save everything I earn in my bank account.” — Kangnam


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Source: Segye