Middle School Fan Spent Nearly $10,000 On Her Bias Group — And Made Her Dad Cry

Netizens say she’s a sasaeng fan.

On an episode of KBS‘s Hello Counselor, the guest of the show was a middle school girl who sought help for her obsession with a certain K-Pop group. Her story shocked those who watched it.

The girl was a die-hard fan of boy group SEVENTEEN, so much so that she has spent a monumental amount of money on them.

The estimated amount? A staggering 12,000,000 KRW, which is equivalent to 9,900 USD!

She claimed to have spent the money on goods such as albums and posters.

Her parents, however, were concerned with more than just the large amount of money she spent. It was revealed that she skipped so many classes that she had to repeat the school year.

In South Korea where high grades are a priority, this is considered highly unusual.

Middle school in South Korea

Understandably, this is when her dad started crying, causing viewers’ hearts to break for him.

Those who watched the show agreed that she couldn’t have possibly spent all the money on goods alone. They were convinced that she needed the large amount to follow her favorite group around, which could also explain why she skipped so many classes.

Others focused their blame on her parents who enabled her behavior.

So she’s a SEVENTEEN sasaeng. She couldn’t have spent all that money on goods alone.

It becomes a problem when your life starts to get difficult because you crossed the line of fangirling only as a hobby. This should be considered a mental disease.

But the parents have to be more strict about it; they gave her everything. That’s why she ended up like that.

– K-Netizens

K-Pop fans

Viewers wished her well, hoping that she will learn to curb her extreme behavior.

Source: theqoo