Jang Suwon Might Be The Most Hilarious And Awkward Actor Ever

What even are emotions?

Korean dramas are something that gets lots of praise due to the story, their characters, casts acting skills, etc.

Kim Soohyun in My Love From The Stars

This isn’t always the case, however. In a short series called Love & War 2, Jang Suwon of Sechs Kies might have the most hilarious and awkward acting performance. The main issue was that he had extremely robotic acting and didn’t look like he had any emotions.

Jang Suwon being “surprised”

The other funny part people have with his performance is that all the scenes look the same. That every emotion looks identical and he is very emotionless when he expresses anything.

Jang Suwon “upset”
Jang Suwon “angry”

His famous acting is even mentioned when he goes on other programs. People even address him as the “robot actor” or “robot acting” because of how emotionless he was in all his scenes.

Here is the full video if you want to see it for yourself (it’s extremely long).