These Might Be The Most Rare And Legendary Gifs Of Red Velvet’s Seulgi Out There

And they’ll definitely make you fall in love with her.

Seulgi may not always get as much attention as some of her fellow Red Velvet members, but Korean netizens wanted to show some major love and support to the talented singer and put together a collection of legendary gifs featuring the star.


The original post went viral… and with good reason! All the gifs of Seulgi are 100% amazing!


They prove that she’s a talented dancer…



Can’t you just hear this line in “Happiness”?


And all around fun person!


That’s probably why the collection of gifs have made a reappearance and have once again gone viral!


The collection of gifs really does speak to Seulgi stans.


But it’s not just her fans that can appreciate just how amazing Seulgi is!


If you just take a look at how Seulgi whips her ponytail around, your heart will surely be captured!


And you can’t deny that she is absolutely gorgeous.


If you take a look at the gifs from her performances, you will be blown away by her amazing talent.


Her dance moves are killer…


Really, really killer!


Plus, Seulgi is able to pull off the darker bad girl vibe…


And still look completely feminine and pretty in pink!


It would be hard not to fall in love with Seulgi after seeing all of these legendary gifs!


Thank you Knetizens for sharing them with all of us.


Because Seulgi truly is a goddess and deserves every bit of love!

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