Veteran K-Pop Idol Spills About The Best Part Of Completing Military Service

There was one moment that made all his struggles worth it.

After opening up about the prejudices and most challenging parts of completing mandatory military service as a K-Pop idol, SS501‘s Kim Hyungjun shared the moments that made it all worth it.

SS501’s Kim Hyungjun at the end of his military service.

To give an overall picture of Kim Hyungjun’s military service, they couldn’t help asking when he was the happiest. The idol shared what he liked most about the experience.

As a Gyeonggi conscripted police officer, he remembered taking a trip “somewhere close to go see the elderly.

Making sure they included everyone, they visited “the ones that have a hard time moving” and performed for them. Kim Hyungjun was touched by their reactions. He said, “I saw people who liked our concert.

Since many elderly people don’t receive frequent family visits, Kim Hyungjun was happy to brighten their day and speak with them. He added, “Things like that made me happy! I was able to talk to normal people who weren’t fans.

Not only did the elderly receive energy, but Kim Hyungjun gained “joy and a lot of happiness” from those visits.

Though military service can be challenging, at least Kim Hyungjun was able to gain strength from those he visited.

See him look back on the happiest moments from those years here.