Can You Answer This Korean Hypothetical Question That’s Blowing Peoples Head?

This amazing hypothetical question was posted on a Korean messaging board and there’s no doubt about it, it’s a mind puzzler.

On Korean forums, there are often many posts made about fictional or imaginative situations and topics. This week, the best one by far has to be the question asked in the form of a hypothetical. The question reads:

Would you rather live with the consequences of being the prettiest face in Korea and receive $1 million dollars or live as exactly yourself.

The full post explaining the question is as below:

You have the prettiest face.

When you post a photo of yourself on Facebook, it lags due to so many users liking it. Over 15,000 likes in an hour.

You get scared so you just delete it and decide to get on the Subway. But people start noticing you and ask each other if you are the person who posted the beautiful Facebook photo. You get frightened by all of the attention and decide to get on a cab instead. But the driver says that your the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and forcefully takes you to the destination at free of charge.

You decide to cross the street in order to get to your destination but all of the driver loses their minds after seeing your beautiful face and 32 collision accident occurs. 

You get terrified and run to the cafe that you work at. Everyone gets paid minimum wage except you who gets double the pay. The boss tells you that it is okay but all of the other workers talk about you behind your back.

As soon as you get to the cafe, every male in the neighborhood decides to fill the cafe which is three floors high. They keep coming back to order to see your face after finishing their drinks. Average male spends about 18 dollars everyday just to see your face. All of the girls approach in order to ask what lotion or makeup you have applied. But once you tell them you didn’t put on anything, they start cussing and walk off. 

During the time of working, at least 16 guys ask for your number but you reject everyone.

You want to go home after work but your co-worker asks to eat together so you say yes. But then he starts crying saying that he is so thankful and happy to have the privilege of buying you food.

You get really confused and decide to go home. Once you start walking, even the homeless person who is a handicap even stands up in order to see your face. Then every guy nearby swarms you and asks for your number preventing you from going home.

After these troubles, you decide to connect your phone to wifi and see 999 messages on your phone.

Every messages are saying ‘What you up to?, I’m bored, Oh I saw you today!’ 

You are the most beautiful ordinary person in South Korea.

You decide to appear as a cameo in a Korean drama for couple seconds but it turns out that you were aired for more than 50 minutes in an hour drama.

Times magazines selects you to be the 24th most influential person in the world.

Hollywood selects you as 2nd place in actresses that directors want to hire.

You post on your Twitter that you want to see your bias and your favorite idol.

But then his fans start swarming your SNS account with life threats and cussing.

Your bias decides to quit being an idol and give up his career for you in order to stop his fans from hating you.

You reject every advertisement offers and drama casting offers.

But you can’t prevent a fandom made just for you. There are at least 30,000 people in fron tof your fans after the fan club exists.

After posting on Instagram that ‘this potato is really yummy,’ you receive over a thousand boxes of potatoes at your door step. The potato industry sees a 20% increase and the revenue made by potato chip companies increase by 3 times.

And you will also receive a million dollars.


You can live as yourself.

Source: Instiz