Min Hyo Rin Loves Absolutely Everything About Taeyang EXCEPT This One Thing

She’s asked him to stop, but Taeyang refuses to.

On a past episode of Oppa Thinking, Taeyang revealed Min Hyo Bin loves everything about him except his humor.

He said his humor is mostly based on “dad jokes”, and so people around him don’t think he’s very funny.

“The members think that if they laugh at my jokes, they’ve lost.”

– Taeyang

They then asked how his girlfriend Min Hyo Rin took the jokes, to which he said she was quite cold towards them.

“Honestly, she’s quite cold about my dad jokes. But I tell them even more because of her reaction. I want to see her acknowledge them one day.”

— Taeyang

Hopefully, Min Hyo Rin will actually find them funny one day! Watch the full segment below.