Min Hyo Rin Responds to Controversy Regarding Her Pets

Min Hyo Rin has shown that she is an avid pet lover, but fans are questioning why she hasn’t updated any photos of her previous pets on her Instagram like she had usually done.

On an Instagram post of Min Hyo Rin and her cat, followers started asking questions regarding the whereabouts of her dogs: a poodle, a Boston terrier, and a chihuahua, all of which have not appeared on her Instagram for a while.

Some of her followers asked her if she was no longer taking care of them, while others accused her of changing pets frequently as if they were accessories. They demanded she only take care of pets when she’s sure she can take care of them until the very end.

This Instagram photo of Min Hyo Rin and her pet pomeranian were deleted recently, causing fans to believe she was changing pets too frequently.

The accusations are believed to have stemmed from the actress having recently deleted a photo of her Pomeranian, which was uploaded in August 2014. Fans have requested for her to provide some answers to their questions on the status of her dogs.

On a photo of her cat posted on January 21, Min Hyo Rin’s fans engaged in a heated debate, where several fans defended her and requested to wait for her official response. Others accused her of animal abandonment even despite the absence of any evidence.

“My puppy is doing fine^^”

On January 28, Min Hyo Rin finally spoke up and uploaded a photo of her chihuahua in her arms, and assured her followers that her puppy was still receiving her love and care. She has still not yet responded to the detailed questions regarding her other dogs.

Source: Joongang Ilbo