Seungri Reveals Min Hyo Rin Visits Taeyang In The Military Every Single Week 

Couple goals.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin took their relationship to the next level with a fairy-tale wedding earlier this year.

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But the couple’s wedding bliss was quickly cut off due to Taeyang’s military enlistment. 

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Seungri revealed that even with the separation between them, they have found ways to keep in touch.


In an interview, Seungri shared that he recently received a phone call from Taeyang, which was his reward for doing well during training. Part of Taeyang’s phone call was him telling Seungri he loves him and misses him a lot.


Seungri joked that Taeyang should be calling his wife to tell her that instead. He then revealed why Taeyang probably didn’t have to call her, saying “I heard she visits him every week,” showing the couple’s never-ending love.

When asked about his own military enlistment, Seungri confessed that he will join as soon as possible so that BIGBANG’s comeback will not be delayed. 


That’s quite a revelation for the newlywed couple, right? 


Source: Mydaily