Minah shows how she defends herself against men

Minah showed her own self-defence tactic when it comes to men.

Girl’s Day Minah swiftly avoided dodgeball destruction with this unique and different defense mechanism – and the results were super effective.

She proved her sweet and good nature is all it takes once again on SBS‘ Running Man where she was set to play dodgeball alongside Eunji as well as members of MBLAQ and the Running Man crew. Dodgeball is always a scary sport – opponents throw hard and the ball can hurt.

When a group of 50 university students were brought on the field, all of the cast felt the pressure. Girls Day’s Minah clearly expressed her fear when the ball was raised in her direction, and she immediately became defensive and afraid.

It was so cute – the ball wasn’t even thrown at her!

Ultimately, the battle was lost and Minah was hit out of play – but the initial strategy had no flaws.

You can watch the massive match below:

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