Mingyu Felt Insecure About His Tan Skin So This Was How SEVENTEEN Responded

SEVENTEEN has each other’s backs

Skin tone of all colours look beautiful! But unfortunately, idols with tan skin often feel the need to conform to the strict beauty standards in South Korea that tend to idolize those with paler and fairer skin.

Many international fans can’t help but feel sympathetic for stunning idols in their groups who are occasionally teased for their tan skin.

But SEVENTEEN is a group that doesn’t make fun of their members for something like this.

Mingyu is undoubtedly one of the most stunning visuals in K-Pop.

However, he has received several comments regarding his skin tone that have made him feel insecure about his appearance.

He is occasionally asked about interviewers regarding his skin tone. Once at a fansign in the Philippines, he was asked by the interviewer why his skin looked so dark. He meekly answered that he had been swimming the previous day and been exposed to the sun.


It’s clear the attention drawn to his skin tone can make Mingyu feel a bit insecure, even when he doesn’t need to be. CARATs sadly point out that Mingyu occasionally would try to make his skin tone look paler using the lighting in the room.

During a live broadcast, The8 noticed some comments regarding Mingyu’s skin tone. However, he had a direct response to those commenting on this.

What’s with the skin tone? He’s still cool

The8 also took the time to remind Mingyu that he has a stunning appearance and that his tan skin is a part of his beauty. He highlighted that other people shouldn’t make fun of someone’s appearance just because of one feature that was hard to control.

Why do you care about that? [Mingyu] looks handsome right? He looks handsome

Thankfully, because of members like The8, it is clear that Mingyu has been gradually accepting his tan skin, or as his other members call it, his “golden” skin.

During a later live broadcast, Mingyu was doing a live broadcast with some other SEVENTEEN members where someone commented that Mingyu’s skin had gotten whiter.

Seeing this, the other members answered that Mingyu had not gotten paler, but his tan skin is still beautiful.

Hoshi and Seungkwan praised Mingyu for his tan skin.

I’m jealous of Mingyu’s skin


Yeah, it looks healthy and manly, too.

It may be hard considering the constant pressures idols are under to maintain their appearances, but thankfully, Mingyu accepts his golden skin as a feature that enhances his stunning visuals.

I think of it as one of my charms

Now, he has gained so much confidence in his skin tone. Mingyu has said that he always tells himself in the mirror that his skin looks good which has helped improve his sense of self-worth.

SEVENTEEN is known as a group with some of the best chemistry. It is clear that the members are all looking out for each other.

When a member has an insecurity, they will always try to compliment them and defend them from other people. And that is what CARATs will always treasure about SEVENTEEN.