Mingyu reveals his first impression of Seungkwan… You’ll never guess who he thought he was

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and Mingyu spilled on how hilarious their first meeting was.

When Seungkwan first arrived at the Pledis Entertainment building, he had just flown up from Jeju Island, but the rest of SEVENTEEN was waiting for him.


Mingyu shared that rumours about Seungkwan had spread amongst the trainees, and they were very nervous about his arrival.

“Someone with similar visuals to Psy but can sing as well as Park Hyoshin is coming in.”


The trainees were waiting nervously in the practice room for Seungkwan and his parents to arrive.


Seungkwan’s parents came down first, but Seungkwan was no where to be seen and the trainees wondered when he would arrive.


It turned out the person they thought was Seungkwan’s father…was actually Seungkwan.

“He was so old-fashioned. I still remember it. He wore a white t-shirt with pink shorts.”

— Mingyu


Mingyu mentioned that it wasn’t only him but all the trainees present thought it was Seungkwan’s dad.

“It wasn’t just me…All the trainees there thought that his father had arrived first.”


Seungkwan had actually picked out that outfit at a nice shop in Jeju Island.

He explained that he had been running around the Cheongdam neighborhood in the pouring rain, looking for the building — hence, why he showed up so dishevelled.


Seungkwan hit back with his first impression of Mingyu as well.

“When I first stepped in, I noticed right away that people were practicing to survive as if their lives were on the line.” — Seungkwan


When Seungkwan introduced himself, the first thing Mingyu told him was that the hierarchy in the practice room was very strict.


He also told Seungkwan not to call him hyung, but to call him sunbae instead.


Although Seungkwan was dumfounded at first, with time, he began to understand Mingyu’s mindset at the time.

“When I became a sunbae myself, if I noticed someone not trying hard while practicing the basics then I would turn off the music and ask ‘What are the kids who are winging it doing? Shouldn’t you be working so hard your arms fall off?'”

— Seungkwan


Now the two of them are practically brothers!


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