SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Was Adorably Flustered After Falling For A Fan’s Cute Prank

“I’m a little flustered.”

Fans have the cutest way of making their idols speechless and this fan definitely proved it during her video call with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu!

First off, the fan is an incredible actress as she pretended that she was being called to court and needed Mingyu’s help. From the conversation, it appears that the fan wasn’t able to speak fluent English and wanted Mingyu to help her translate what exactly she was being called into court for.

The fan started out by saying, “I’m in trouble.” Of course, Mikngyu showed his concern and asked, “Why?” The fan continued and explained, “The court called me yesterday.

Mingyu showed a worried and confused look on her face as the fan continued and shared, “I think I got sued. They talk in Korean. My Korean is not really fluent so I recorded what they said. Can you listen to it and explain to me what sin did I commit?

Mingyu stayed calm and replied that he will try his best to help the fan figure everything out. Little did he know, she had the cutest prank ready to tell him.

The fan played the recording and FT ISLAND‘s “Lovesick” started to play. For those unfamiliar with the song, the lyrics go, “The sin of loving that person a lot…”

The adorable fan asked, “Is this a crime oppa?” Mingyu was speechless and then became incredibly flustered. Shocked, Mingyu commented, “How can it be like this?” And “I’m a little flustered.

Check the video out below: