Minho explains why he started smoking during the filming of Derailed

Actors go to far lengths to better portray their on-screen characters. SHINee‘s Minho confessed he, too, picked up an unhealthy habit.

Minho, who played the lead character Jeon Jinil in movie Derailed, underwent a huge transformation.

Minho has had a proper, boy-next-door image until now. Jinil, on the other hand, is the leader of a group of homeless children. He steals cell phones to get by and swears every other word. He also smokes.

Movie poster for "Derailed". / Source: OBS
Movie poster for “Derailed”. / Source: OBS

“Was Minho always a smoker?” you may ask. No, he was not. Minho learned to smoke specifically for this character. Rather than just pretending to smoke, he wanted the mannerisms to be accurate and natural so he had to get used to smoking regularly. He became a smoker during the filming of his movie, however, he assured fans that he quit as soon as filming finished.

Watch the trailer for Derailed below. Do you think Minho suits his character?

Source: Nate