Minho Breaks Down In Tears Talking About His Parents

Known for his athletic build and intense charisma on stage, SHINee’s Minho unveiled his gentle side while proudly talking about his father. 

Recently, Minho appeared on tvN’s 48 Hours. A program that allows celebrities to complete personal tasks as if it was their last few hours. During his appearance, the young singer chose to spend his last 48 hours with his family and showed his sincere fondness towards his dad.

During the interview, Minho expressed his thoughts about his family, “My memories with my father are pretty scarce. I didn’t know at the time but he suffered a lot for the sake of me and my older brother. My mother raised us to be stronger than anyone.” He also revealed, “Honestly, I hid a lot of my emotions. I hated it when my parents would see me when I was upset or worked up. So, I tried to make myself stronger.”

Minho has a soft heart for his parents.
Minho has a soft heart for his parents.

Minho also shared his thoughts for his father, a football coach for Gangwon FC, saying, “Because i am an eternal fan of my father, even though I am not the owner of the football club, I have a small dream that I would like to continue to support him.”

During the episode, Minho cannot help but shed a few tears as he talked about his father, while his handwritten letter showed his sincerity as a son.


Source: Herald