IZ*ONE’s Minju Stans Sakura So Hard She Bought Merch Just Because It Had Sakura’s Face On It


IZ*ONE members are known to support each other immensely and Minju took it a step further recently when she purchased a piece of merchandise endorsed by Sakura.

In a V-Live with Hitomi, Minju gave a brief speech praising the product before unveiling her newest purchase.

Since Kkura-unnie kept bragging about it, I got one too. It stores things well and Kkura-unnie’s picture was so pretty that I bought while only looking at the picture and it turns out there’s even a bag in there.

– Minju

Minju was, of course, referring to the Kangol bad that Sakura is a promotional model for.

She unveiled her bag to the world, further confirming that she is a Sakura stan.

Once again, IZ*ONE stan IZ*ONE.