Mino is asked whether “Turn Off the Light” is based on real life experiences

“I can’t say that it’s not…”

On a recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM‘s Lee Suji’s Music Factory, WINNER member Mino revealed some personal info on his track, “Turn Off the Light”! 


Because WINNER participated in composing all of the songs on their new album, “EVERYD4Y”, the members took turns introducing the songs they wrote.


When it came to the track “Turn Off the Light,” Mino revealed that he was the composer of the song.  Upon hearing the title (the Korean title literally translates to “let’s sleep and just hold hands”), Lee Suji joked with Mino.

“How can you sleep with someone and just hold their hand?” — Lee Suji


Mino coyly responded that holding hands is just the start!

“I never said that I would take responsibility for anything that happens after that! ‘Let’s sleep and just hold hands’ is just the title” — Mino


He was then asked if the song was written with his experiences in mind.

“Is this song based on your real-life experiences?” — Lee Suji


Hesitant at first, Mino admitted that it was!

“I can’t say that it’s not…I think it is a song that all lovers in this world can identify with.” — Mino


Finally, Seungyoon poked fun at Mino, claiming that he was influenced by his dad!

“This is something Mino’s dad used to say. He just held Mino’s mom’s hand and slept, but Mino was born!”  — Seungyoon


Check out the song that was based on Mino’s real-life experiences below:


Source: Sporbiz and News1