“Mint V” Is Trending Again With His Flawless Anime-Style Visual From “Run BTS”

Re-live the era of V’s minty freshness.

In the most recent episodes of Run BTS!, the same ones that crowned Jin the King of Deception, BTS‘s V has mint-dyed hair that he rocked earlier this year.


Back then, when he first appeared with this shockingly refreshing hair color, he went viral for his anime-like visuals.


With the new episode though, ARMYs are realizing just how amazing V looked in this otherwise impossible-to-pull-off kind of hair color.


V being absolutely adorable in the episodes only added to the reason BTS fans are falling in love all over again with this “Minty V”!


We all knew V looked breathtakingly handsome. But we didn’t know he could look this breathtakingly handsome.


Though he may have lost the 007 Game in the episode, he definitely won the visual game.


Get your fix of “Mint V” here:

Source: THEQOO