Minzy Confirms One Of BLACKPINK’s Most Popular Songs Was Originally Given To 2NE1

Minzy also sang a snippet of the original 2NE1 demo!

In a new KBS Cool FM radio interview with Park Myung Soo, 2NE1‘s Minzy revealed one of BLACKPINK‘s biggest hit songs was initially given to 2NE1.

While BLACKPINK and 2NE1 have both achieved incredible success in their own right, there’s no doubt that there are similarities between the two groups. Both acts have a 4-member edgy, “girl crush” concept to their comebacks. And as many of BLACKPINK and 2NE1’s songs were produced by Teddy, they also share musical elements, like predominantly featuring strong EDM and hip-hop sounds.

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During a radio interview, the main dancer-turned-soloist revealed that 2NE1 was given a demo track sometime around late 2013 to early 2014. It featured the chorus line, “Blame it on your love.”

Minzy and Park Myung Soo | @mingkki21/Twitter

The 2NE1 members were originally preparing to record the track, but they later received other songs to add to their then-upcoming album. In the end, “Blame it on your love” was scrapped from the final tracklist of Crush, 2NE1’s second and final Korean studio album.

This song was our demo track. While we were preparing to record, we received other songs to add to our album.

­— Minzy

Ultimately, 2NE1 released R&B-meets-reggae song “Come Back Home” as their title track instead. “Come Back Home” grew to become one of 2014’s best-selling K-Pop songs with over 1.3 million digital downloads.

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So, what became of “Blame it on your love“? Surprisingly, the shelved song eventually became one of BLACKPINK’s biggest hits, but under a different title: “As If It’s Your Last”!


“As If It’s Your Last” sold a staggering 2.5 million copies in South Korea, maintained a spot on the Gaon Digital Chart for over a year, and reached the top 50 in Canada, Portugal, Japan, and more. It fits BLACKPINK’s vibe so well, no one would’ve guessed it was originally meant for another group.

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In her radio interview, Minzy treated listeners to a sample of what the chorus of “As If It’s Your Last” would’ve sounded like as a 2NE1 song, with “majimak cheoreom” replaced by “blame it on your love“.

Wondering why the chorus lyrics were changed? Some fans have speculated that the inspiration for “As If It’s Your Last” may have come from a quote that Jisoo once shared was special to her: “As if today is the last“.

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