Minzy Compares YG Entertainment and Her Current Label

During her solo debut showcase, Minzy talked about her current agency, Music Works, and compared it to her past agency, YG Entertainment

Minzy recently held her solo debut showcase for her first solo album MINZY WORK 01 UNO and during her talk portion, first mentioned how nervous but excited she was to have an album and song completely under her own name. She talked about how nervous she was the night before the showcase that she could not get any sleep.

She then compared her current image to the one she had in 2NE1.

“In the past, I had a girl crush image but now I think it’s more of a friendly one. Because of our strong image, it was hard to approach me but now with a more femenine image, I think there’s a feeling that I’m more mature.”

— Minzy

Finally, Minzy compared her current company Music Works to YG Entertainment.

“Music Works has a family-like feeling to it. Whether you’re starting to work or already working, working hard feels fun. It’s like talking with family. Compared to YG, where it was very systematic and had rules, I can now do things myself and put out my own ideas. I’m having a lot of fun.”

— Minzy

Source: JoyNews24