Mir Compared His Income During His Idol Days To His Income Now

It’s gone down… by how much?

On an episode of KBS’s Sensible Adult Life, MBLAQ‘s Mir revealed that his income has been reduced by 90% and that his concern is saving up for marriage.

When asked whether he was going to get married, Mir denied it due to what a fortune-teller told him.

It’s not that I’m planning to get married. I got my fortune told not long ago, and apparently, I’m going to get married at 32.

— Mir

He was then asked if he’s able to make a living now that his income has been drastically reduced, and he explained that he’s managing to do okay.

I’m maintaining my livelihood with the money I saved up in the past and the copyright fees I get.

— Mir

But he did share one thing that changed ever since his income was reduced, which is selling used items.

Before, if there was something I wasn’t using, I gave it to other people. But now, I sell it online.

— Mir

Mir added that he recently tried to sell his music studio, but that it’s not going so well.

I put my music studio up for sale recently. I spent 8 million won (~$6900 USD) to build it, but it won’t sell even for 1.5 million won (~$1300 USD).

— Mir