Miss Korea Was Brought To Tears By Negative Comments About Her Weight

She criticised Korea’s unreasonable beauty standards.

In a recent interview with Asian Boss, Kim Soo Min who was crowned Miss Korea 2018 in July revealed the extent of the negativity she received following her victory.

Kim Soo Min is 174cm (5’8) tall and weighs a perfectly healthy 58kg (130lbs) but she says that she received overwhelmingly negative comments about her weight, calling her fat and overweight.

She explained that the beauty culture in Korea causes people to believe any woman over 50kg is overweight regardless of their height. This is an incredibly unhealthy way of looking at weight. Kim Soo Min offered an explanation for why she thinks Korean people think this way:

I personally feel like it’s from immensely photo-edited images that we see on our social media. We see celebrities showing off their weight, they say “I weigh this much” and they look very pretty. We subconsciously start to think this is the ideal weight and the ideal body. I see a lot of girls who put a lot of effort into losing weight even though they don’t have to.

– Kim Soo Min

After she was quizzed about how her parents felt seeing all the negative comments about their daughter, she started to tear up because of how hurt they must have felt.

To conclude the interview she was asked to say something to the young girls who look up to her.

I wish me being on stage and on screen can make young girls think that they’re not fat at all weighing this weight. I wish it could also motivate other young girls to be confident in their bodies and accept the way they look. I want to set that healthy standard on stage for better body confidence.

– Kim Soo Min

You can watch the full interview with Miss Korea 2018 here: