Korea’s Newly Crowned Hottest Non-Celebrity Has A Surprising Occupation, Proving He Has Brains And Brawn

He’s the an all-rounder!

Each year, the Mister International competition gathers the most impressive and sexy men from various countries worldwide. To attend the pageant, a contestant must win his country’s local competition, and each year, Korea holds its own Mister International Korea event.

| Mister International Korea

Last year’s winner, Kim Hee Won, placed fifth in the Mister Global competition and became a hot topic for his stunning idol-like good looks.

Kim Hee Won | AAVEC

On August 28, Mister International Korea 2023 took place, introducing pageant fans to a new host of handsome men. Though the competition was fierce, competitor Kang Ho Sun was named the winner!

According to his Instagram program, Kang Ho Sun is 32 years old and enjoys traveling and playing golf. As shown by the cooking highlight on his profile, he has some proficiency in the kitchen as well!

Kang Ho Sun | Mister International

Also listed on his profile is his occupation: Semiconductor Engineer. According to Purdue University, this position is responsible for creating the pieces that make electronic devices function, from design to fabrication.

This impressive job means that not only is Kang Ho Sun handsome, but he’s got a sexy brain as well!

| @merblue.k/Instagram
| @merblue.k/Instagram

The promotions for the Mister International pageant have already begun, with most contestants already arriving in Thailand, where the competition will occur.

In addition to enjoying the sights, the pageant’s swimsuit competition has already taken place, and Kang Ho Sun fits right in among the world’s most handsome men!

| Mister International

The Mister International competition will take place on September 17, 2023. We wish him and the other contestants the best of luck!

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