Half-Korean Kid Worried About Going To High School In Korea, Internet Responds:

The comments were really divided.

A Mixed Korean girl went online and asked the Internet if it was a good idea to go to High School after being homeschooled until now.

“I’m a mixed kid. My mom is Canadian and my dad is Korean. My mom doesn’t like the Korean education system so I was homeschooled until now. I have no real friends, I only have Internet friends.”

She had reservations because of what her mother had told her about schools and also because of her age.

“I am currently 17 years old (Korean age), 16 years old (Western age). I don’t know what it was but my mom gave me the option of choosing to go to a real high school. Maybe I looked sad, I don’t know. Since I was homeschooled until now, I’m kind of nervous about the idea of going to a real school.”

Not knowing what the right choice was, she decided to ask everyone on the Internet and see if she could find a solid answer on what to do.

“I’ll read your comments and see what the best option is for myself… Thank you for the comments in advance.”

The answers varied in and were frankly divided almost in half, with some telling her to go because of the valuable experience.

“Just go, if you don’t like it, you can just withdraw from school [and go back to being home schooled].”

“If you’re physically pretty you’ll be ok. If you aren’t, I recommend you to avoid going altogether. Since schools are really focused on looks.”

“I recommend you to go to school. You’ll make a lot of friends.”

“I personally think you should go because you have to learn about human relationships. If it’s not now, it’ll be later and it’s better to handle this early on.”

“When you’re contemplating whether to do it or not to do it. It’s just better to do it. So go.”

“The best thing is probably for you to go an International School. That way there’ll be foreigners and that might be easier for you.”

“There’s a lot to learn in High School in terms of social structure. I think you should go so you can properly prepare yourself for civilization and Korean society.”

While other told her it’d be best for her to continue being home-schooled.

“I personally don’t recommend you to go to school. Going to school when you’re not used to the average schooling system is hard. High schoolers are busy preparing for college so there won’t be ‘that’ experience you’re looking for.”


“There are benefits to going but I think you shouldn’t go.”

“I think you shouldn’t go… Just continue being homeschooled because you will not be used to the basic schooling system.”