“Mixed Race” Makeup Is Now Going Viral In China

Would you try out this sort of look?

Just like fashion, makeup trends are constantly evolving and changing. Many makeup trends, once all the rage in K-Pop, have fallen out of favor, only to make a rare return, like heavier eyeliner on male idols.

GOT7’s Jay B at debut.

Recently, popular makeup trends that have gone viral on TikTok have gotten their start on Chinese platforms like XiaoHongShu and Douyin. Many outside of China have attempted things like the “Douyin makeup,” emphasizing a clean look with blush and sparkly eyeshadow.

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Douyin Makeup Tutorial 🙆🏻‍♀️💓

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While makeup is artistic, and there is no wrong way to use it, one new trend has caught some not-so-positive attention.

A trend referred to as “mixed race” makeup has been tried increasingly online. The trend consists of making one’s features look more stereotypically caucasian or “Wasian,” a mixture of “White” and Asian.


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Popular and controversial makeup YouTuber Edward Avila also tried out the trend, transforming himself.

There is an argument this trend is similar to “Asian fishing” or pretending to be Asian by using things, including makeup, to change one’s appearance.

However, many people of actual mixed race have found issues with this trend, talking about how they have dealt with negativity over their heritage and how this trend makes them feel.


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