MN Dance Company Talks About Their Experience Collaborating With BTS

They were intrigued by the concept.

BTS recently dropped their new song, “Black Swan” and have reached global attention for its unique music style and accompanying art film. MN Dance Company is a Slovenian based dance school run by Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia. The mission of this 10 year company is to search the truths of this world through their dance and performances. It was their dance that captivated BTS to want to work with them.


Nastja revealed that they were contacted last October about the collaboration and that everything happened really fast from there. “We had to prepare the choreography and choose seven dancers for the shoot. We chose two from Italy and five from Slovenia.”

They were surprised at the concept of the song and felt that “Black Swan” was something that all artists go through in terms of their work or art and how it would be accepted by people.


They were surprised yet again during the shoot in L.A. as there was a huge production team waiting for them. Michal commented, “There was around a hundred people on set and we didn’t expect this many people for this production. We were treated as if we were super stars.”


Nastja and Michal also joked that they felt that their phones would explode from all the messages and calls they were receiving about the art film.


The choreography was more of a dancing style in the beginning, but the BTS team requested for a more expressive and artistic style to interpret the song.


Here is the final outcome:


The official comeback date for the album is February 21.