Meet The Mnet “BOYS PLANET” Contestant Who Has The Longest Training Period…And Who Almost Debuted In TREASURE

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One of the most highly anticipated survival programs is finally here! Mnet‘s BOYS PLANET is the follow up season to its 2019 counterpart Girls Planet 999. It is “an audition project decided and produced only by Korean and global fans.”

K-Pop fans might recognize many familiar male faces here. From the contestants of Chinese programs Youth With You and Chuang…

Krystian from Youth With You 3

…to participants of Korean survival programs such as Under Nineteen and LOUD

Jay Chang from Under Nineteen

Lee Yedam from LOUD

…and even already-debuted K-Pop idols are all part. A prominent example of this is none other than Terazono Keita.

The 21-year old is a member of CIIPHER, a seven-member boy group formed by K-Pop legend Rain. They debuted in 2021 with the song “I Like You” which showed off their boyish charms.

Before then, Keita was best known for his participation in the YG Entertainment survival program YG TREASURE BOX. As the earliest YG Japan trainee, his video was the first among those in the “J Team” to be released. Keita’s positivity and smooth rap skills were immediately made known.

Hello, I’m 18 year old Keita. I’m a very optimistic person. I’m really happy [to be joining the survival show]. I’m determined not to lose.

The Japanese all-rounder had a great run on the program, being able to join a round of “TREASURE6,” the coveted team that performed the theme song “Going Crazy.” He also won challenges such as one featuring Bang Yedam as his partner.

Unfortunately, he was eliminated in Episode 9 as the group he was in placed second overall, meaning that only three of them—Bang Yedam, Park Jeongwoo, and Haruto—were chosen to enter the finals.

Rain Company recruited him in April 2019 and he started a new journey with CIIPHER, debuting with them two years later as their rapper and lead dancer.

He waited another two years for their big break that had yet to come. With a desire to be on stage once more, he joined Mnet’s BOYS PLANET which began airing in February 2023.

He garnered wide support from the beginning. At 273,000 views and counting, his “Here I Am” theme song focus video is one of the most viewed among all 93 entries.

Mnet gave him a considerable amount of screen time in Episode 2. He opened up about his past as a trainee with a jaw-dropping 9 years of experience, further emphasizing his desire to succeed in this new endeavor.

I started out when I was in sixth grade. I practiced in YG for five years and a half and in my current company for two years. It’s not good to focus only on one’s debut…I really want to make it.

— Keita

Alongside other Japanese participants, he performed “Conduct Zero” by Block B. He impressed the fellow contestants and judges with his strong rap skills.

One thing is certain: both TREASURE and Keita are taking the K-Pop industry by storm one step at a time!

Source: YouTube