You Won’t Believe Where the “Produce X 101” Trainee Interviews Are Actually Filmed

It’s probably not where you imagined.

If you’ve watched the popular survival show, Produce X 101, you probably remember the interviews that take place where the trainees open up about their true thoughts.

Well, how that’s filmed, and more importantly, where it’s filmed has been recently revealed in online communities and it’s not what people were expecting.

In the shared photo, there’s are two bunk beds on both sides of the room as well as pillows and blankets on top making netizens believe that it’s the trainees’ dormitory.

And in between the bunk beds are cameras, lighting, a chair, and the blue backdrop that has been used in all Produce X 101 trainee interviews.

It appears that the interviews that we all see on the show actually take place in the trainees’ dormitory.

There has been no official confirmation of why that is, but after seeing this photo, netizens are speculating that since the trainees are so busy with their practice schedules, they’re probably too tired to go to a different location to do the interviews.

Whatever the reason might be, as long as the interviews turn out well and the trainees are able to get some more rest, there’s no problem!

Source: Insight