Mnet Producer Exposes The Hate Comment That Hurts Him Most

Those comments can also hurt the idols.

When groups hold a comeback special through Mnet, producer Im Tae Hong shared that he keeps an eye on how viewers react to the performances. He also opened up about the comments that may not be quite so nice.

Even though the music videos have been released, most fans see the full performance for the first time through the comeback show. So, I check how fans react to the key point. I focus on those parts.

— PD Im Tae Hong

Since PD Im Tae Hong monitors the reactions, PD Nam Dong Yoon couldn’t help asking which one was the “most memorable comment, either positive or negative.

After frowning to show how much it upset him, Im Tae Hong immediately thought of one comment that hurt every time. He said, “‘Is this all you prepared?’

Nam Dong Yoon and PD Lee Ju Ri were surprised but understood the feeling. After putting in hours of hard work with the idol group and spending so much time preparing, that’s the last thing you’d want to hear.

Fortunately, Im Tae Hong admitted that there “aren’t that many mean comments.” He revealed that they always did their best and “prepared a lot to meet the needs of the fans and also to show what the artist wants.

Im Tae Hong even shared some of the positive comments that made all the mean ones seem unimportant, with fans thanking him and wishing him well.

But, some comments make me happy. ‘Where are you? I’d like to bow to you.’ ‘I hope you work less and make a lot of money.’

— PD Im Tae Hong

If the idol groups and the majority of fans are loving how well the comeback stages turn out, Im Tae Hong and the other producers are indeed doing their jobs well.