Mnet Producers Pick The Most Legendary Stage They’ve Seen By A K-Pop Group

Even non-fans were blown away by the amazing stage.

From Studio Choom to Mcountdown, Mnet producers from different departments came together to answer questions from viewers. One of those questions was which K-Pop group held the title for the most “legendary stage” they’ve seen.

Without hesitating, PD Im Tae Hong named TXT‘s performance of the title track from The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. He said, “I really like TXT’s ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ performance.

PD Nam Dong Yoon nodded in agreement as PD Lee Ju Ri said, “Yeah, I loved that performance.

Im Tae Hong loved the performance even more because he was there in person to feel their passion and see how hard they worked. Other viewers who weren’t even fans of TXT loved it as well.

Even the artists… I could feel their determination on site. The artists were like, ‘We’ll show you.’

There was some feedback that said, ‘Even though I’m not their fan, this performance really impressed me.’

— PD Im Tae Hong

TXT are such amazing performers that they blow everyone away with their powerful stages.

Watch all the producers gush about how talented the boys are, along with the legendary stage.