Mnet Releases Kang Daniel’s Audition Tape For “Produce 101”

Mnet has released an audition video of Kang Daniel from a year ago! See how far he’s come.

Just one year ago, a young trainee stepped into a small audition room to apply for Produce 101.


He introduced himself as Kang Daniel, a trainee of 2 years, and flashed a bright and innocent smile.


He said he used to work part-time at a Korean barbecue restaurant, grilling meat.


During the busy time when there were many group customers from work, he would watch the performances on music programs…


…And dreamed that one day he could become like that and stand on a stage like that.


His audition looked as follows:


After his successful audition, Kang Daniel ranked #1 in Produce 101 Season 2.


Then, once Wanna One began promotions, they made headlines for being the best K-Pop rookie of 2017, breaking record sales and sweeping the K-Pop scene.


They have now won a total of 22 awards and 34 music programs.


And Kang Daniel’s fans have even put up Kang Daniel’s photo at Times Square New York for his birthday, ads that apparently cost up to $5,000 USD per day!

The ad was up for a total of 7 days.


Kang Daniel shows that dreams do come true!

Wanna One