Mnet Watches Eliminated Trainee’s Livestream, Stops Him From Talking About Produce 101

Mnet reportedly called eliminated Produce 101 Season 2 Lee In Soo in the middle of his live stream and told him to stop talking about the show.

Lee In Soo recently joined BJ Taewoo on AfreecaTV for a live broadcast and talked about his time on Produce 101 Season 2.

On the now deleted broadcast, he talked about some of the issues that came with being on the show, such as how the situation there wasn’t ideal but one team got much better treatment than the rest. He also mentioned that they only had 3 days to learn the choreography for “Pick Me” and during those 3 days, many trainees only got 6 hours of sleep total.

One thing Lee In Soo mentioned that may surprise many people was that there were a lot of fights that went on behind the scenes between trainees, but since there were in front of cameras so often, the ones involved ended up having to suppress their anger.

During the middle of the broadcast, Lee In Soo received a phone call that was reportedly from a Mnet official. From that point on in the stream, he did not talk about Produce 101 related topics.