Korean MOAs Are Hoping That The New TXT Light Stick Design Is A Joke

What do you think of the design?

On January 20 KST, Big Hit Entertainment released the official video revealing TXT‘s official light stick. Fans, however, seemed divided on the design. While many international fans were excited for the release, many Korean fans hoped that the design was a joke.


Below is the official video of the light stick.


Here are the reactions of international MOAs on the lightstick.










Korean MOAs, however, felt that there were plenty of better options for the light stick design.

“There’s no feedback regarding this…is this the best that you can do in this day and age? Hire me please, I can do way better than the employees you have now.”


“What is up with the design? Just tell us that the members designed it or something…do you know how sensitive fans are to designs? Why did you choose this out of all the other pretty designs. I feel like you guys don’t have any employees that can get the job done right.”




“What the f*** is up with the design? Is the logo some hospital mark? It looks like some lollipop or handheld fan that they use to promote hospitals with.”


“Who really made this design? I don’t know what’s going on at Big Hit but this is really too much. I bet Beomgyu could design something better than this. Beomgyu and Taehyun’s drawings of grapes were better than this.”


“The light stick looks like a baby’s toy…”



Other fans think that the Korean MOAs are going overboard with this matter and are asking for too much.



What are your thoughts on this?