Model Han Hye Jin Reveals How To Make Your Arms Look Skinner In Photos

Try these tips to make your photos look like model Han Hye Jin’s!

Model Han Hye Jin has shared some useful tips on how to make your arms look skinnier in photos on a recent episode of My Mad Beauty 3.

On the May 8th episode, Park Na Rae asked Han Hye Jin for some tips on what to do with your arms when taking photos.

There’s something I’ve been curious about since a long time ago. I don’t know what to do with my arms (when taking photos). Does it look skinnier if I do this, this or this.

ㅡ Park Na Rae


As soon as she received the question, Han Hye Jin got up from her seat to show everyone exactly how it’s done.

No, you have to do this to make them look skinnier.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


The answer to skinnier-looking arms was not to set your hands on your hips or put them to the side, but rather throw them in the air!


She also suggested crossing your arms like this:


But the point here was not to let your arms touch your stomach…


And lift your arms away from your body so that nothing is pressing on your arms to squish the fat and make them look larger.


Check out the full video clip below: