Model Han Hyun Min Reveals How Much He Earns As A Model

“I earned too large of an amount for me to handle as a high school student.”

Model Han Hyun Min guested on Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show and revealed how much he makes as a model.

When asked about his earnings, Han Hyun Min said he considered it a large amount for a high school student and revealed that his parents manage it.

I earned too large of an amount for me to handle as a high school student. My parents manage (my earnings) and I receive allowance from them.

ㅡ Han Hyun Min


He confessed that before becoming a model, he received a small allowance compared to his friends and often times was treated out by his friends as a result.

Before modeling, my allowance was smaller than my other friends. They often treated me out.

ㅡ Han Hyun Min


After debuting as a model, however, he revealed that he can now treat his friends out to meat once a week and proudly stated that he paid for a trip to a pool villa in the summer.

These days, I buy my friends meat. I can afford to treat them out to meat about once a week. In the summer, I went with my friends to a pool villa and I paid for it.

ㅡ Han Hyun Min


He also added that his treatment within his family has changed after becoming a model. In the past, he joked that he was told to make his own food if he said he was hungry but now, a feast is prepared for him every time he goes home.

The food my mother prepares is completely different. It’s a feast. When I come home, my father used to shut the door and not even welcome me but now, he comes out and gladly welcomes me. My English has gotten much better so I can have deep conversations with my father too.

ㅡ Han Hyun Min


Han Hyun Min is a South Korean model of Nigerian and Korean descent who has also appeared on the television series Tale of Fairy and hosted variety shows such as Cool Kids and M Countdown.

Source: My Daily and Newsen