Model Han Hyun Min Is A Great Model, But Apparently A Terrible Student

Han Hyun Min showed off his straight-Es on TV.

Model Han Hyun Min shared his school report card with TV personality Sam Okyere on The Stranger and he wasn’t too impressed, to say the least!

Han Hyun Min is a 16-year-old high school student who debuted as South Korea’s first Korean-African model.


When Sam Okyere checked Han Hyun Min’s grades from middle school, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Han Hyun Min had managed to get straight-Es. (E is the lowest grade in the Korean grading system.) In fact, Han Min Hyun placed 170th out of 172 students in his class!


Han Hyun Min stated, “I’m not that fond of studying.”

Sam Okyere continued to look through the grades and found two other grades that were actually slightly better.

Han Hyun Min got a “D” in Ethics which prompted Sam Okyere to tease Han Hyun Min for being a “good boy”. Han Hyun Min quickly retorted, “I only got a D because the class was easy.”


Finally, Sam Okyere found the second class that Han Hyun Min did better in and he had aced it!

It was physical education. Han Hyun Min celebrated his only A from P.E.


Of course, if modeling were a class, he’d be acing that too!

Source: XPortsnews and TV Report
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