Model Jang Yoon Ju Explains Mysterious Photo Of Herself With Missing Legs

Here’s what happened.

Model Jang Yoon Ju gave an explanation about the mysterious photo of her “missing legs” in a recent episode of Happy Together 4.

The photo, which was taken last year with the Pajama Friends cast members at Lotte World, received much attention from netizens because Jang Yoon Ju appeared to have no legs in the photo.


It looked as if her upper body was floating in mid-air.


Jang Yoon Ju explained that the photo came out this way as she was trying to adjust her height to the other members who were shorter than her.


She explained that her hips were twisted to the side and her legs hidden behind Sunny.


It appears that her extremely long legs had created the ultimate optical illusion!


Another photo taken around the same time showed a clearer view of the position of her legs.


Jang Yoon Ju said numerous fans sent her direct messages begging her to explain the photo.


Check out the full video clip below:

Source: Naver TV