This Model Is Becoming Famous For Being A BLACKPINK Jennie Look-Alike

Some even thought she was Jennie’s sister!

A shopping mall model known as Kang Lee Seul has been receiving attention for resembling BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.


Netizens have been expressing that Kang Lee Seul looks just like Jennie.


One fan even asked her if she was Jennie’s little sister.


She replied, “How could I even compare myself with goddess Jennie…of course not. I’m older than Jennie. Thank you for saying I look like her and I’m sorry to the fans.”


She also responded to fans questions about her diet. In regard to her gorgeous body, she responded, “Eat a lot. Diet with Photoshop!”


Her tips for skin care also included “apps and Photoshop“.


With such stunning visuals, the model already has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.


According to Kang Lee Seul’s profile, she is 161cm tall and 47kg.


Check out more photos of Kang Lee Seul below:

Source: Dispatch