This Young Model Is Being Called a Hybrid Between Sulli and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

People are comparing her to Sulli and Jennie, but she’s got charms of her own.

Han Sung Min, who also made an appearance on the web drama, At Eighteen, is a model who has recently been trending online for looking like a hybrid between Sulli and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

Despite only being 19 years old in Korean age, she shows off stunning visuals that appear to have fully matured.

Regarding the photos that have been circulating in various online communities, fans are comparing her cat-like eyes to that of Jennie while comparing her smile to that of Sulli.

Not only does Han Sung Min show off a unique and charming face, but she is also 171 centimeters tall with a slim physique.

She’s also been sharing many photos of herself on her official Instagram account, showing off her unique style and the clever ways she pulls them off.

Check out some more photos of the young model below:

Source: Insight