Model Removed From Pageant Website Due To Racist Rant Against Asians

Absolutely disgusting

British model Chantelle Foreman has been receiving harsh criticism due to a crude xenophobic rant she posted on her Instagram story.

The message was aimed towards Asians about the current coronavirus outbreak, blaming them for the pandemic and using racial slurs in the posts.

In the first of her now-deleted stories she wrote, “Chinese disease,” followed by, “Fk the ch*nks STRAIGHT UP over populated all look alike & ruined, infecting the best of us.”

After people began criticizing her for her words and calling out her racism, she followed up with yet another offensive post. “Lol mee getting called racist coz I said Chinese disease… HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD. Tbh let’s not get hasty gals WE DO LIKE OUR NAILS been done.”

Not only has she deleted her stories, but since she gained criticism for her posts, her entire Instagram page has now also been deleted. It used to read “former Miss Swimsuit UK finalist” and “grand finalist” for Miss Midland UK, but after the controversy, Miss Midland UK has since removed her from their website and posted on their own Instagram story saying as much.

Chantelle isn’t the first public figure to come under fire for racist and insensitive comments about the COVID-19 outbreak, and likely won’t be the last. The most people can do is call others out on such insensitive and xenophobic comments and hold them accountable for their actions.